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Dan's Tunes ~ Blog

Dan’s Tunes is a Seattle-based music journalism site. We focus on covering the local scene, from Tacoma to Shoreline.

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Back in the Day

A trip through Seattle's musical past courtesy of Charles Cross and The Rocket magazine.

Promoting Seattle region Rock artists and their upcoming shows! Listen to artists you don't get to hear on the radio! Get out, enjoy, and contribute to your local Rock scene! Be part of the Rock economy!

Here you will find some of our favorite local podcasts and blogs. Most will be music oriented, but not all. If you would like us to feature your podcast or blog please send us a message here.

Conversations and Cocktails ~ Podcast

Cindy Anne Cafe Racer Radio cofounder and host of SundayMornings with Cindy Anne hosts this podcast interviewing amazing local womyn!

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